Sunday, July 28, 2013


Gandhi did not do unto dalits as he wanted British to do unto him.Gandhis inability to see the injustice of the pune pact, despitehaving been at the receiving end of similar injustice in SouthAfrica is the crowning glory of his iconic hindu evil moralbehaviour. If Tilak or someone else who had never been abroad andnever faced discrimination had behaved similarly, it might have beenforgivable. But Gandhi just cannot be forgiven. He showed thisbehaviour multiple times upto the above crowning glory.He was a misguided parochial scheming feudal dictator barelydifferent from Hitler, another product of the value system createdby the leading philosophers of those times.I don't remember the exact reference now. But his audacity inviolating the privacy of the dalit girls to test his brahmacharya isinfuriating to this day. Surprisingly he did not choosebrahmin/baniya girls to test his brahmacharya. Such moral turpitudeis frequently passed over by his foolish fans who probably wouldgive their daughters/sisters/mothers for brahmacharya testing bythe "great man"/"super man".Only hindu value system allows his type of behaviour to be describedas morally upright.
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