Saturday, February 04, 2012

Exposing Manuvadi Fraud Logic Against Reservations

My position on reservations for MBC (the lower-castes among OBCs) is similar to my position on dalits. Reservations are meant to address long term problems of dalits and MBCs because long term solutions alone are possible to these problems. Short term solutions are neither cost-effective, nor stable solutions to their large scale and scope structural problems. So just because a particular politician tried to make short term political capital by scheduling the announcement close to elections in 3 states, that
does not change this fact and does not raise any doubt in the minds of dalits and OBCs. Nevertheless it does seem correct to criticise the timing of the announcements.

An industry which has merely sat on its haunches on for so long without doing anything for dalits and MBCs will do nothing for them, unless there is a financial incentive to do and/or a financial dis-ncentive to not do. The owners/manager of private sector firms cannot be relied on at all in this regard, because they use the support of the state seek to prevent implementation of the goals of our state. If they do not yield to voluntary/mandatory affirmative actions, dalits and MBCs may need to force nationalisation of such manuvadi firms, through putting political pressure applied through elections.

India needs to take a stand. Growth without social justice increases social injustice against those kept away from the growth. This cruelty must stop immediately.

It is utter nonsense to say that foreign capital/firms will move away due to reservations. The truth is that if Indian industry is able to leverage the cheap human capital of 300 million dalits, the business case of Indias outsourcing revolution and general sustainable competitiveness can only improve. Far from reducing quality, voluntary affirmative actions without compromise on quality will further increase the perception that India provided best value by providing excellent quality at cheapest prices for a much much longer time. India should not allow entrepreneurs to make profits while destroying longer term profitability.

On the contrary if India does not harness the creative capabilities of dalits through supporting affirmative actions, not only will the cheap human capital advantage fueling Indias competitive advantage sputter and die, Indian industry would have lost the first real opportunity since Independence to REALLY solve the problems of economic and social inequalities without having to take from peter to pay paul in REAL ECONOMIC terms. The reason for this will be that the wealth re-distributed to dalits will be come more from the economic growth, than from the prior wealth of non-dalits.

The essential problem seems to lie with the poor quality of decision making by manuvadi financiers who are in control of India along with entrepreneurs, who are trying to merely make quick bucks at stock markets, but destroying long term value in the process. Clearly manuvadi Idiots who run Indias
financial institutions need to read the Mckinsey article which explains all this clearly. They are stealing from the nations future to line their pockets in the present.

Impleenting reservations for dalits properly is the only way to prevent frittering away of Indias sustainable competitive advantage in the Global economy. The dalits who become productive economic agents through education, employment, enteprise will save the money to invest in the development of
dalits. If dalits are not made productive through reservations in this way, non-dalits will need to continue to fund the investments to enable dalits to escape their enforce low-value-adding economic lives into more productive value-adding-creating lives.

India needs reservations.

We need to dump the manuvadis into the Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal as appropriate and get on with implementing reservations fully. After all democracy values representativeness higher than efficiency in the functioning of its instititions for obvious economic reasons, elaborated above. And markets and related freedom of choice will ensure that the minimum standards remain high in all these institutions.

I just don't understand what the hoopla is about

Of course you will notice that I have left the argument about improving our civic and social values as a nation totally. The economic argument of sustainable development of Indias competitive advantages itself is enough to expose the manuvadi fraud logic against reservations.
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