Saturday, February 04, 2012

Give Dalit Merit A Chance

The inappropriate allocations by the allocative forces in the Indian economy (planning commission, government executives, private sector management, private sector fund managers) are sure to be less profitable uses of Indian (and foreign money) given the evidence described in following link.

The reason such inappropriate allocations happen is because those in allocative roles of funds to competing uses are either not aware of or do not care about or even worse are incapable of making allocations which will be win-win for different communities, society and the environment.

The spurious "merit" of the idiots who have been allocating Indian and foreign capital to its multifarious uses in India need to be exposed as merely being a selfish cover for a 50 year conspiracy to earn unfairly high returns for the capital owned/controlled by non-dalits.

The non-dalit oligopoly which controls the allocations of Indian capital to its uses in government, public and private sector needs to be dismantled. A body truely representing the interests of the WHOLE of Indian needs to replace them.

Down with "merit", up with "dalit". Let "the elite" win.

The incompetent people who have ruled India for 50 years with only marginal change in the situation of dalits should not be allowed to rule India by merely claiming to be meritorious, when their merit just does not show.

Give true dalit merit a chance
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