Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Dalits and Buddhism

Hi Sanjay,I am happy that we agree on buddhism. I have a feeling that you arestill passing through the roads I have already walked down,regarding your views on vedas, hindus and conversion. Take yourtime. Practice some more buddhism. I am sure it will help.Just FYI, I have not seen any intense christian and islam support onthis and the few other dalit groups that I am part of. Given thediamond of buddhism, why would one even want to think about anyother religion, including hinduism. Hinduism is not a well definedthing and filled with internal contradictions. I am not eveninterested in discussing it further.I notice that you seem to carry a view that buddha renovatedhinduism. I see that as a hindu presentation of reality. Perhaps youshould read sources derived from pali literature, instead of sourcesderived from sanskrit. I do not deny that hinduism was impacted bythe buddha. But to say that buddha's first and primary agenda was toimprove hinduism is not correct. But it is less important. As longas the theory and practice of buddhism as defined in the pali-theravadin (burmese and sri-lankan) are preserved, I see littlereason to worry about such propaganda by hindus. A little amount ofserious practice will convince any open mind of the original,immediate and distinctive value of buddhism.I have nothing against hindu's. But I have nothing for them either.I fail to see them as different from muslims and christians. RegardsPratap
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