Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Representation beyond first generation and Representation beyond public sector

Due to lack of awareness, implementation, abject poverty, our folkshave still not able to leverage reservations. So reservation forfirst generation beneficiaries in education and entry levelgovernment and/or public sector needs to continue without doubt. Theissues about second generation beneficiaries, reservations inpromotions upto senior levels are more complex. But the need forprotective discrimination for them does not automatically go away. Itjust needs to be handled differently.For the private sector, the same logic of representativenessproviding higher value than efficiency works to some extent. In theprivate sector, women are preferred for marketing jobs related towomens products. The logic easily generalizes to any significantlynumerous segment of the population. Overall in the private sector,the techniques (and related terminology) of increasing dalitparticipation needs to be different.What is happening is our educated people are falling prey to non-dalit thought merchants like Shourie. The reason for this is that ourinternal discussions are still infantile, past-centred and/orutopian. Unable to argue their own cases, in their working lives, theeducated masses succumb to views propagated by the Shouries of theworld. We have to participate in their media and tell them in theirwords, our world view. Till our leaders become media savvy and canhold their own on "Hard-Talk" and similar programmes and blast theopposition on the basis of sheer logic and statistics, the situationwill not change.I guess what I am saying is that we should be careful in whom we callour leaders. People they say get the leaders they deserve...unlessthey learn to choose.

Pratap Tambay
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