Wednesday, November 09, 2005

"Dalit Capital" and "Ambedkar Institute of Social Capital"

Hello All,I want to see us launch a NBFC named "Dalit Capital". We can issue securities to public and use the raised money to fund ventures ofinterest to Dalits. Some such ventures could include1. Launching a management institute named "Ambedkar institute ofSocial Capital" close to MumbaiHaving our own postgraduate study and research institutions hasbecome important due toa. Decay in existing dalit educational institutionsb. Need to have a legitimate credible academic voice which canparticipate in relevant debates of relevancec. Provide opportunity for our youngsters to get high qualityeducation through "educational loans" floated by "Dalit Capital"d. Need to fund research of relevance to Dalits2. Give long term loans to entrepreneurs among Dalits directly and/orgive seed funding and help in getting later stage funding forventures floated by Dalits3. Operate merchant/investment banking services with focus on helpingDalits to make public/rights issues of financial securities to raisecapital4. Provide financial planning and investment consultancy services toDalits5. Help Dalits in getting least cost loans from various financialcompanies6. Provide brokerage services for trading financial securities on NSEand/or BSE7. Provide hire-purchase and leasing services to Dalits8. Setup a "placement services company" to help Dalits to findgainful employmentI would like to understand your views about the practicality of theseideas. I guess I would like to understand your views about how muchcapital you would individually want to invest in a company like this.I have been reading a lot the last few days about how to launchcompanies. Unfortunately launching Banks requires 200 crore to startwith and then one has to have 100 crore more in one more year. Sothat seems impractical right now. So I think NBFC is the place tostart.Making a public issue of the NBFC may have some issues. But I think Iknow how to get around them...Let me knowRegardsPratap
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