Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Need for dalit thought leaders

We need thought leaders who can penetrate the exploitative logic ofthe shroud which engulfs the disadvantaged commmunities. These peopleneed to define and defend social justice using the appropriateeconomic, pyschological, sociological theories and empiricalevidence. Our current problem that is that we are not able to expressour agonies and are dependent on the "Amartya Sens" of the world forespousing our causes as a byproduct of their clinical academicpersuits. The sufferers are silent. No ex-sufferer becomes anacademic and explains the causes of the sufferings. Buddha did thatfor the suffering common to all human beings. We need Buddha's whocome out of their socio-economic suffering and help evolve techniquesto improve the social order. May a million Buddhas bloom.From my reading of recent economic writings, "social justice" is highon the publicly projected high priority list of many institutions andis a hot topic in economic theory.E.g: We must evaluate Amartya Sen and then support him to the hilt bypointing out problems in his theories. We must learn to use economictheory to plan and drive our struggles
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