Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Insurance as a tool for social action

Insurance as a Tool For Social Action

The panchayat raj system is exposing deep embedded problems. But the mediasystematically ignores the problems, because its customers do not like suchnews. The media professionals dilute their writing to avoid inconveniencingthemselves and because they would then have to confront their ownprejudices. The legal and police system too has its problems in protectingdalit human rights, esp. lives.I have a tangible proposal that may help in solving the problem.Every dalit who stands for panchayat election should insure his life heavilywith LIC. Dalit groups like this group can arrange the funding of the largeinsurance premium for this. The money can come from any donor around theworld, from any caste, creed, religion, country.The policy should be bought from LIC through dalit insurance agents byrigorously following LIC guidelines and creating enough proof that theguidelines were followed. Only when the life insurance policy is in place,the dalit should stand for the election.1. If the dalit gets killed, his/her families will get BIG money2. LIC will push the police and legal system to act to avoid the killing ofthe dalit3. If LIC fails to make the police and legal system act and the dalit stillgets killed, LIC will have to pay huge money and LIC will put more and morepressure on police and the legal system.So they will be forced to increase their insurance premiums for dalit lives.Even if they increase the premiums and we continue the above process, unlessthe situation changes, LIC will go out of business. If LIC increases theinsurance premiums for dalit lives too much, the publicity benefits to thedalit movement will be very high.Are there any LIC agents/employees on this list? Do you see any problemswith the above proposal?
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