Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Hiding Dalit Identity

Dr. Ambedkar too succumbed to hiding identity initially in Baroda.Many folks still do for similar reason and rationalize it, andsometimes it is neccessary for sheer practical reaons. After all,the correct and exact theory in the constitution is not beingimplemented. Tokenism is handed out instead.I fully agree with you and others that "dalit" is no longerdesirable. "Buddhist" is much better. I cannot explain how muchvalue proper practice of buddhism has added to my life. It is adiamond that Dr. Ambedkar left for us. The more we actually wear it(practice) it...the more it will help all of us. I personally preferto write more on the Buddhist Circle group these days, than thisgroup due to this reason.And Dr. Ambedkar emphatically states that Buddhism helps by firstimproving the self, and then the surrounding society. Hisexplanation of this in "Buddha or Karl Marx" is quite simple anddirect and available online.Anatta doctrine directly addresses excessive positive as well asnegative ego by destroying the theoretical basis for an identity.And practice of buddhism reinforces it.
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