Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Dalits and politics

Ambedkar, Indigenous people and the low importance of politics by itself

If I recall correctly the UN celebrated one past year (1991?) as the year ofindigenous peoples. I remember noticing that somewhere after that year, theusage of the word Mulnivasi became popular.Indigenous people(s) around the world have been subjugated and demeanedconsciously and (later) unconsciously by invaders from other areas. This istrue all around the world.If Babasaheb's views are not relevant to subjugated people around the world,criticising "mulnivasi" makes sense. But Babasaheb's views provide a generalframework for understanding the problems of subjugated people everywhere andfor solving them through shika, sanghatit vha, sangharsh kara version ofnavayana buddhism. Limiting the applicability of Babasahebs viewsgeographically and ethnically is to deny him his rightful place in history.Please note that this does not mean that I support BSP and/or BAMCEF.Sometimes the power of an idea takes flotsam to great highs. I remember thatHitler came to power leveraging the social situation skillfully. As of rightnow, the dictatorial version of BSP we see is not too different, except forits totally feudal behaviors and attitudes as against the fascists. BSP'sintellectual arm (BAMCEF) has been struggling to evolve an ideology whichmakes sense. But their current and future influence over BSP is suspect.Moreover they seem to be more located in the vernacular inward looking dalittradition, unlike the Chandrabhan prasads, Narendra Jadhavs and Babasahebsof the world.But as many others have said, we don't seem to have much to choose from."Mulnivasi" defines "non-mulnivasi" - a transgressor with the objective oftrouncing him/her in the elections. Perhaps it might help in uniting thosewho are "mulnivasi". But due to the scatteredness and sparseness of dalitpopulations, those who come to power will hardly solve the exploitationproblem, due to their lack of enlightenment. They will become anotherdominant caste...unwilling/unable to leave their feudal ways and thinking. IDONT SEE ANY OTHER LONG TERM OUTCOME OF DALIT(-FRIENDLY) POLITICS AS ITCURRENTLY IS. This has been happening and will keep happening, till all ofus understand Babasahebs message inference that the real way is Navayana and(education, organization, agitation). POLITICS WILL NEVER SOLVE OUR REALPROBLEMS IN ANY REAL WAY.The higher need for socio-religious awakening is clear to me and some amongus. Sadly, I expect a large audience for the social awakening seminar, whilethere was hardly any intellectual presence at Shyam Tagade's correspondingreligio-social session. Till most of us realize why Babasaheb placedreligion above politics in his prescription for dalits in Independent India,more people will attend purely social awakening seminars to discuss somepast centric theories/events/ethnic_identities that many Indians are notaware of and of which there are minimal proofs/definitions.Can we invite Mr. Shyam Tagade to share his views (as reflected in his book)with us at the seminar on fulfilling Mr. Babasaheb Ambedkars views of socialawakening through Navayana Buddhism?With apologies to any Aryans and/or Nagas reading this, lets talk about thefuture at the seminar.
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