Friday, March 29, 2013

Ambedkarite manifesto of 1951: Capitalism

Dear All,

Dr. Ambedkar is frequently painted as a communist, which he never was
(see his essay on Buddha or Karl Marx for his critique of Marx and
communism and his espousal of buddhism as the best way ahead - a
religion admired even by Vivekananda as the flower of hinduism)
Dr. Ambedkar is mostly understood as being in favor of state socialism,a kind of democratic socialism with a large government and public
sector and a tiny private sector.
But this is gross misunderstanding of the vision of Dr. Ambedkar, whichkept evolving over this life. Despite, the positive evidence coming
from the communist states being more than the negative evidence, Dr.
Ambedkar was quick to visualise the implications of both more correctlyand adjust his own vision for India accordingly.
His opposition to nehruvian socialism and advocation of a larger
private sector, where appropriate instead of a formulaic acceptance or
rejection of large scale nationalisation or privatisation comes throughvery clearly from the manifesto of the "scheduled caste federation",
the dalit party which became "The republican party of India" later.
Clearly his formulation is the formulation that India finally moved in
the 1990's. Imagine if the nation had understood and backed my Messiah,on his merits instead of ignoring him as a dalit leader, where would webe today. If he had won the elections and implemented his manifesto, wewould already be a first world country.
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