Friday, March 29, 2013

Technology and Indian social reality

Dear All
I came accross some analysis about why Indian social reality has not
changed much, despite the increasing advancement in technology. I
find it amazing that such a simple thing is not obvious to people.The truth is that Indian democracy and markets are not
representative or inclusive enough. While the system is changing
marginally, it remains a well organized, well oiled machine
preserving the hegemony of a few communities, over the rest. It is
not organized around merit, whatever people may have told you or you
may have told others.So technology is a tool of exploitation in India. It is a tool to
ensure that the "business models" of the dominant communities win over
the "business models" of the depressed communities in market competition, thereby
subjugating the latter. And since the depressed communities are denied access to
capital/leadership-learning/technical resources, they are never able
to rise up and change the hegemonies.Nevertheless Democracy and markets have unique power to enable tiny
chinks to expand and I am hopeful that it will enable a change in
the superstructure of the Indian nation over the next 50 years.
Fortunately the same things that enabled the Indian dominant communities to move
out of the country and build their capabilities and confidence to
compete globally will work for those who are rising in education and
training....Well and the truth is that the situation is not too different world
over. Technology and science are what humanity makes of them. The
real battles are always fought inside human minds. The external
realities merely reflest the implications.Pratap Tambay
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