Friday, March 29, 2013

Ambedkars Nationalism: In the finest of India's traditions

Many of you misunderstand Dr. Ambedkar. I hope the following two
articles will help you re-visit your understanding of Dr. Ambedkar and
his nationalism.The following essay describes Dr. Ambedkars nationalism and relates it
to the hindutva movement. To those who prefer more formal RSS
literature, I recommend Dattopant Thengdi's book on Ambedkar. following essay describes Dr. Ambedkars nationalism and relates it
to the Indian freedom struggle. The book by Gail Omvedt, whose link I
posted is also useful to understand the committment of Dr. Ambedkar to
his nationalism. you find a better reconciliation of the best of Indian and western
tradition ... let me know.Due to the fact of being born untouchable, Dr. Ambedkars experience of
India was different from many of you and even me. I benefitted from his
contribution and have had a better life than I would have had if he had
never existed. His western learning and yet his resort to Indian
tradition of buddhism for his people, his massive contribution to the
life of Indians (Indian democracy, hindu society, women in general,
labor class, etc), his multiple life-long friendships with people from
all communites and the fact that he never never was associated with any
party which defined itself with any small segment/community are all
visible proof of his love of India.I would love to hear from people who want to hear more about
him...whichever persuasion they come from...hindutva, congress, commie,
dalit, whatever. Dr. Ambedkar was larger than such labels, as all true
leaders always are. Sadly it has been the failing of the dalits, who
have caused him to be viewed as a sectarian leader through excessive
mis-projections of only parts of him, particularly his strong criticism
of the ills of hinduism.Let us dedicate ourselves to creating a better India, comfortable with
its myriad traditions, confident of mastering its own ills and helping
to improve the globe for all humanity.RegardsPratap
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