Friday, March 29, 2013

Nasscomm, Rahul Bajaj and Dalits

The nasscom people do not even acknowledge caste discrimination, much
less provide a link similar to "women in IT" to provide proof. They
ignore the need to prevent "caste discrimination" in the industry. The
words caste, dalit and dalits do not return any material on their
website. Their caste prejudice shows.
 Read Gail Omvedts article about "dalits in the world of IT". Have you
come accross any article by the brahminic media yet on the number of
dalits in the world of IT. The hypothetical statements of the Rahul
Bajaj's and Narayanmurthy regarding this reek of presumptive caste arrogance and a
total lack of sensitivity to the Indian social reality. Rahul Bajaj in particular had no qualms in asking for protection from
"stronger MNC companies" as part of his Bombay club, but he loudly
proclaims now that the government should strengthen "strong people" so
that they can help the weak... When he is losing is position, he wants
protection, but when it is a question of his position coming into
threat, his views are dramatically different. No surprise that he keeps
talking about the association of his family with Gandhi. Read the
following Bajaj wants a level playing field to battle with MNC's. But he is
severely restricted in his ability to understand that dalits need a
level playing field, against communities which have lot more
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