Friday, March 29, 2013

Dalit human rights

Dear All,
If India does not improve its dalit human right situation, if the laws
for safeguarding these rights of dalits and the caste discrimination in
public life do not work, then dalits will drift into the clutches of
those who advocate violence and question the legitimacy of the Indian
nation itself. Like swami Agnivesh has said publicly there is an urgent
need to fight a new battle to free India. The current battle is being
fought through the ballot boxes, but if one party goes outside the
democractic process continuously, then the other party will have no
choice to do the same.Fighting for human rights prevails over national interest.Every sane person world over understands this. International law and
opinion understands this.Hindutva hotheads who do not understand this have even threatened to kill me
for saying this. So I will say it again and again. I prefer death to
speaking the truth. Human rights are more important than any religion,
any nation. Violation of human rights is crime against God,
religion,country and humanity.With love towards all and malice towards none.RegardsPratap
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