Friday, March 29, 2013

Conversions and reservations

Dear All logic that those who convert cannot get reservations is purposeful
flawed thinking. A few points to note regarding conversions and
reservations.1. Change of religion does not change the past and the impact of the
past-discrimination on the present individual. At best the time
required to come out of the impact reduces2. The real purpose of anti-conversion laws is political. It aims to
preserve the hegemony of hindu elite over the hindu majority, by
keeping others from wanting to help improve the situation of the hindu
dalits. Essentially the hindu elite is afraid that if hindu dalits
convert, then the ballox boxes will start telling a different story and
the growth in the confidence of dalits in their own abilities will
create a threat to the unfairly high social economic and political
power of the hindu elite due to the legacy of caste disrimination.3. Opposing reservations to converts aims to reduce the pressure to
increase the ambit of affirmative actions. Non-hindu dalits have higher
confidence in their ability to bring about change and are unafraid to
ask for radical change, while hindu harijans are ok with crumbs thrown
by their feudal hindu elite masters.The current approach to conversions and to "reservations for converted"
is a dog in the manger type behavior by the hindu elite. Neither will
they initiate radical change, nor will they let other initiate it. They
want to retain the status quo in terms of their hegemony over India.RegardsPratap
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