Saturday, March 02, 2013

Dalit intellectuals and ideology

I observe that most Dalit intellectuals have a fixation with thepast. At best, I have seen people analysing present trends andexplaining them. I have hardly seen any relevant crystal gazing andagenda creation.As per Ambedkar (who thought far ahead of even Gramsci), ideologyformation was not relegated to intellectuals. He wanted everyone(including the last man in the queue) to educate himself ( understandthe surrounding reality) and then modify it through organisedagitation.Given that Ambedkars vision was conceived in the Nehruvian era and hedid not have enough time to detail it, it befalls us to evolve andelaborate a more detailed vision as a guideline to action. The Bhopaldeclaration and a few other similar international attempts are theonly ones that merit attention.In the absence of such action plans, the emphasis on symbolicvictories (Marathwada univ. et al) and ritualistic defiances ofbrahmanic hegemony (memorial burning of the irrelevant manusmruti)prevails. Given that Ambedkars constitution exists, manusmriti (theold constitution) is less relevant to our common future.I have read Dr. Teltumbde's analysis of relevance of Globalization toDalits. Perhaps I did not understand it adequately. But I found itjingoistic and presumptive. Nevertheless I long for similar stuff. Wehave to start somewhere. Maybe such fora exist. I wish to participatein them. Can the elders on this list assemble a list of requiredreading for people like me?We have to be able to defend ourselves in the mainstream in theirlanguage. In the academic journals and in the chat shows and in theTV serials...
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