Saturday, March 02, 2013

Self respect, career risk: Dalit Identity

I agree that we must comfortable about our identities. I agree thateven if that puts careers at risk, it is neccessary for self respect.But I feel that a need to shout out one's past identity is also aninferiority complex in most situations. Instead of that, I guess thatinvolving oneself publicly in buddhist causes makes a betterstatement. Its best to never say anything to anyone about identityunless one feels that it is neccessary and/or useful. Its better tobe comfortable and illustrate through thought word and action. Itworks for me and I have'nt encountered any major problems yet.Educated dalits should make themselves visible and audible at publicbuddhist forums. I have aligned myself with sarvodaya buddha vihar,Chembur and have had two functions at home by Bhikkus from there. Ialso try to attend their programmes and try to go there for prayerperiodically. I have also been trying to attend buddhist programmes.Its my way of making a statement. I also donate ... but that is myhidden statement ... to myself only
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