Friday, March 29, 2013

Black Money and Ambedkarite Nationalism

Dear All,

In multiple forums, I have heard about the money possessed by
Temples as against the scale of the Indian budget. Speakers sought
to highlight the scale of economic inequality. One similar statistic
is the scale of black money in India.
I recently concluded a deal to sell a house in Chembur mumbai and in
the process was made aware of the scale of black money in India.
Black money is money stolen from Government. If the relevant tax
were to be paid to the government, then the government can
potentially fund schools and loans for dalits. So black money is
money stolen from the rural and urban poor, who have little money,
black or white.
The spiritual sanction under hinduism to a dual life (separate
practical life and spiritual life) is the source of this moral
degradation where corrupt people sleep happily as long as they
follow brahminic rituals. To me hindu dualilty is the cause of
creation and sustenance of the large scale of black money in India.
I have seen many middle class folk (including friends and relatives)
promote black money for small and immediate private benefit despite
its large social cost. It is due to this selfish acceptance of black
money at a personal level, that the moral strength of the Indian
population in resisting the high level of corruption and black money
has weakened.
Ambedkarite nation does not have much money, black or white. At the
economic level, those creating or sustaining black money are the
enemies of Ambedkarites. It is they who enable non-Ambedkarites to
continue the current situation for their selfish interests. It is
they who daily sell out Ambedkarite interests to finance their
personal benefits.
At a personal level, I know that due to being an Ambedkarite I wont
be able to sleep well if I create and sustain black money. We ALONE
have a direct reason to not want black money. The minute an
Ambedkarite accepts black money, he/she makes the movement
vulnerable to hijacking and manipulation by those who control flows
and keep track of black money.
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