Friday, March 29, 2013

Stopping internal colonisation of dalits: Conversions

Dear All,
There is an urgent need to protect the rights of dalit hindu adults to
convert to other religions. It is their only way of exposing the pain
that the hindus put them into. Even that way of resistence is sought to
be throttled with force. And there is no effort to bring about
substantial change in the situation which causes their pain. Mere token
changes are offered and substantial change is claimed.The nonsense perpetuated by haughty sanatanis and brahmins who seek to
continue the internal colonialisation of dalit hindus will not change
unless dalits manage to achieve a say in political power on their own.
Dalits need to move towards those forces which provide executive
responsibility at the very top in Indian democracy and use power to
bring about the changes they seek. One can awaken those that actually
sleep. It is not possible to awaken those who merely act like they are
asleep.Any force which seeks to break the economic, social, political chains
of the dalit hindus need to be strengtened to win freedom for the
Ambedkarite nation from the oppressive clutches of the (non-Dattopant
Thengdi-segment of) hindutva nation. Bull-shitters from
non-Dattopant-Thengdi-segment of hindutva, be warned. The hindutva
nation you think you live in is also internally divided and will divide
further unless you look within and repair your sinking boat.The sheer inhuman way I have been treated
(abused/unneccessarily-maligned/credentials-questioned) on multiple forums,
despite not using a single bad word or not wishing ill for any hindu
and the systematic attempt to continuously abuse me is pathetic. I will
spend my life to make sure that these bull-shitters do not win. They
misunderstand hindutva, they misunderstand hinduism, they misunderstand
Ambedkar, they misunderstand India, they misunderstand democracy, they
misunderstand simple human values. They don't know how to talk, how to
treat people equally. It would be utterly tragic if such bull-shitters
were to take over India through their disinformation campaigns. I am
with the Meera Nandas, Michael Witzels of the world to prevent hindutva
from spreading its nonsense any more. Hereon I have decided not to
engage with any bull-shitter who does not know how to talk to peer and
equal Indians and who refuse to read before they write. These
bull-shitters are disgracing the nation that I love.Unfortunately the fence-sitting hindus who have not spoken up yet,
through their toleration of this disgracing of the nation are harming
the highest traditions of the nation.I request all thinking Indians to speak up for or against my views
stated above. Atleast I will know whether I love an illusion of India
or whether the India I understand and love actually exists.Please speak upRegardsPratap
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