Friday, March 29, 2013

Gandhi and Ambedkar

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> Gandhi was conscious of the ill effects
> of the pernicious caste system, but he wanted meaningful reform
> within the totality of the entire Hindu society whereas Ambedkar
> highlighting a sectoral problem by promoting separatism without any
> framework of long-term integration of the depressed classes with
> upper castes.
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Periodically questions like the above are raised about Dr. Ambedkar's
committment to
India as a nation. This question keeps coming up in many forms in many
forums. The above
form is a moderate one. Shourie was an extreme one.To answer this question, We must articulate Ambedkarite Nationalism
more crisply.
Today India is comprised of 3 nations. A golwalkar nation, a gandhian
nation and an Ambedkarite Nation. The Gandhian nation is dying and has
managed to survive since independence by hoodwinking the Ambedkarite
nation. Answering the question involves defining how Ambedkarite
nationalism is a superset of Gandhian thinking. We must
define what it is that an Ambedkarite PM will do which a
non-Ambedkarite PM will never do. It will help in "decimating" the
Gandian nation.
The truth about Gandhi was that he was the biggest hypocrite that the
country ever saw. He did not want to do unto Ambedkarite masses as he
wanted the british to do unto his masses. This segmented morality
endemic to Hinduism is oppressive to those who suffer under it, while
enabling beneficiaries to sleep well and feel morally upright in their
while pain, hunger and powerlessness cries loudly right outside their
homes.The very nature of vote bank (i.e. Gandhian i.e. Congressi) politics is
that while meeting the short term interests of those who bring rural
poor into urban areas and settle them there to create a zhopadpatti
vote bank, it also creates a longer term strategic geo-demographic
change in the polity. As the newly settled communities rises in
education and financial/employment stability, it mutates. Newer
generations ask inconvenient questions and are relatively better
equiped to impose preferred answers through the ballot box.
Gandhian politics (read Congress), while indulging in vote bank
politics became dependent on the Ambedkarite polity for its political
survival. As the Ambedkarite nation now rises, the
Gandhian nation is capsizing. Rahul Gandhi will never become PM. Rajiv
Gandhi, Narsimha rao and VP singh opened the doors to large scale
change in the polity as described above. I expect the Congress to
wither away and/or take on Ambedkarite colour, if the economic
interests it safeguards want to preserve some share of political power
at centre and state. Today Maharastra is a political vaccumn, since Bal
Thakarey and Sharad Pawar are close to the end of their respective
political careers. And there is no one yet to fill the Gap. The
political benefits of decimating the Gandhian nation will be immense.Ambedkar is a superset of Gandhi. The problem with dalit politics is
that the language of hatred easily helps non-dalits to close their
minds to Ambedkarite evangelism which will help them see this. It is
now necessary and fortunately possible (since volumes of Ambedkar are
easily available from Maharastra government) to explain Ambedkarite
nationalism to the country and to restore Dr. Ambedkar to his rightful
position as a leader not merely limited to a pathetic Gandhian vision,
but a much more powerful visionary (as described by the philosopher of
science, Meera Nanda in "prophets facing backwards" - search on google
for the book) equipped to radically transform and improve India.RegardsPratap
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